ARCHES Co.Ltd. was founded in August 2004 as a result of the combination of the different fields.
(marketing director / system engineer / video filmmaker)

ARCHES solution strategy is comprised of three core business.

1. Strategy (Marketing & Brand Building) | 2. System
With a no priority policy for our in-house team of specialists, collaboration with our clients' teams is also possible.
We intend therefore to bring the most effective marketing and real business strategies, system solutions to our clients in order to support enterprise innovation.
3. Seeable
With our strategy to focus on the senses that has been missing in the traditional corporate branding, we add Visual Designing for visual appeal, Sound Creativity hearing.
Based on these solutions combined with our power to appeal, we propose a new corporate branding method.

Adding trends based on high-level supervision to Three business power trends, we are a solution enterprise that intend to create a revenue model that will dramatically add business trends all companies.

Corporate Profile

Company / Corporate: ARCHES Co.Ltd.
Designation: ARCHES Kabushikigaisha
CEO: Hideto Kuwahara
Auditor: STA Consulting Business Tax Representative / Bachelor of SME audit Tetsuya Sato
Location: ZIP 460-0011
Seijou Bldg 2F, 4-1-18 Osu, Naka-ku, Nagoya
(Transfer date, April 1 2012)
Website Production
-experienced in companies, schools and much more
WEB Application Development
-experienced in ASP, groupware, EC, mobile systems, WEB catalog
Development systems
-with experience in logistics systems
IT / WEB Consulting
-experienced in leading Small and Medium Enterprise Management Bachelor study and Corporate Seminars
Video production
-web video, CM, DVD / VIDEO
-CD-ROM, DVD, Promotion Video, LIVE video, performance and video production for numerous events
2D/3D graphics production
Music / sound production
Bank Customers: Bank of Nagoya, Ltd.
Address: ZIP 460-0011
Seijou Bldg 2F, 4-1-18 Osu, Naka-ku, Nagoya
Access: Nagoya Municipal Subway Yabacho station 3 minutes walk from Exit 4